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Philadelphia’s Top Headhunters

Headhunters PhiladelphiaSince 2004, Kane Partners has built its reputation as the most trusted headhunter in Philadelphia. What makes Kane Partners so impressive is our database of candidates, agencies, and networks from which our draw talent. Our 10-step staffing process ensures all parties are thoroughly satisfied at the end of the transaction.

Whether you’re looking for a single temporary contractor, or a number of full-time employees to hire, top companies from all over the area are bringing their hiring needs to the real headhunters in Philadelphia.

Recruiting and Hiring Process

Kane Partners’ search process is only one part of the four step vetting process:

  • The Candidate Search – It is through our enormous and highly reliable database built over the years that Kane Partners is able to find the potential talent for your company.
  • The Target Company Search – Reaching out to companies and industries where a potential client may have worked in the past will further open doors that can lead to successful matching. Innovative technology allows Kane Partners’ experts to pinpoint the skill sets that matter most to your company.
  • Candidate Recruitment Screening – Based on a potential candidate’s job requirements and your company’s needs, the screening process brings the right talent to your door.
  • Opportunity Presentation – After both parties agree that a potential match exists, Kane Partners will continue on with the rest of the hiring process.

Visit online at kanepartners.net to learn more about why Kane Partners has been chosen as the top choice of headhunters in Philadelphia. Recognized as a leader in IT staffing, Kane Partners continues to demonstrate to Philadelphia businesses why they are the top employment agency in the city.

Manufacturing, Creative Design, Engineering, and IT

If you’re experiencing some difficulty in convincing the area’s top talent to work for your firm, make use of the extended reach of Kane Partners with our database of national job candidates looking for positions in software, IT, manufacturing, creative design and engineering. With more than 25 years of experience on our side, Kane Partners is ready to put our knowledge to work for your company.

If you’d like to learn more about Kane Partners company and discover why we are the top headhunters in Philadelphia, please visit us at kanepartners.net where you’ll find a wealth of information on how to get the process rolling. Take advantage of our informative blog articles, and read about the talent behind the recruitment process to see what makes Kane Partners different from other staffing solution companies out there today.

Contact us today at 215-699-5500 or send an email with your questions to info@kanepartners.net. Be sure to ask for Gary Kane directly when you make contact.

Of all headhunters in Philadelphia, trained professionals at Kane Partners LLC are known to be the best in their field when it comes to finding employees excellent, well-paying jobs while also connecting employers with hard-working employees. Gary Kane has more than twenty-five years of experience so you can rest assured you will be in good hands. For more details call (215)699-5500 or email us at info@kanepartners.net .