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Kane Partners LLC is a professional engineering staffing agency for hard workers looking for temporary or permanent job placement. Kane Partners LLC guarantees excellent results in a very short amount of time, and has options for different types of engineering jobs as well as other job types. Call their office number (215)699-5500 or email us at

Recruiting High Qualified Engineers

Engineering StaffingRecruiting qualified applicants, placing top candidates, building strong partnerships. These are the building-blocks in developing and maintaining a solid recruiting organization. If your search for a reliable engineering staffing team has led you to Kane Partners, you’ll quickly find these are the values we maintain in finding the top candidates for your organization.

Kane Partners provides the professional engineering staffing services that are designed to quickly locate the candidate with the right skill set and experience to match your staffing needs. Our services are contingency-based, so you won’t pay a fee unless you decide to hire the candidate we’ve located.

Building a Staffing Partnership

Developing a strong staffing solution is vital for the long-term health and growth for any company. A top recruiting team places your organization at the front of the line when it comes to finding top talent. Kane Partners is just that; we are the strong recruiting team to place your organization first for the top candidates in the area.

Why not build a lasting relationship with an agency that is able to respond quickly to fill a vacancy within your company when you need them to? Drawing from our large network of candidates, Kane Partners is able to quickly meet your staffing needs

Your consultation with Kane Partners will start the process in providing our team with the knowledge and understanding of your staffing requirements. This is a critical first step to our screening process. Once we’ve determined your staffing qualifications we’ll go to work seeking out the ideal placement for your open position.

Our Staffing Values

Kane Partners is with you from start to finish through the recruitment process. We understand the screening process is a critical element when it comes to matching your company with a candidate. Kane Partners performs an in-depth search into a candidate’s work history and background before deciding to present them to your firm.

After a prospective candidate is found, Kane Partners will work closely with the candidate to prepare them for the interview with your company. You’ll have the option of attending the interview via phone, video conference, or onsite.

Once all parties are satisfied with the match, the candidate will be assisted with resigning from their current position and integrating into their new role with your company. You and your new employee can both look forward to a long-standing relationship that is founded on successful principles.

For more information, contact the number one IT and engineering staffing agency in the Philadelphia region by calling 215-699-5500 or visit to get connected.