Businesses of all sizes have felt a backlash to some extent due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through the guidance of government agencies such as the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) and WHO (World Health Organization), business owners have been tactfully trying to keep their respective ships afloat. For some, this meant working remotely, such as us at Kane Partners. For others, it meant planning and preparing the safest necessary work environment due to the fact that their product or service is a human necessity, such as our friends in the food industry. Without extreme diligence, any misstep could prove to be a fatal catastrophe – whether it’s the further spreading of the virus or a lack of production leading to shortages. This calls for the recognition and appreciation of the extra effort and thought needed to keep the meals on our plates safe and freely at our disposal. 


Supply and Demand

Obviously, our society is fueled quite literally by the food we eat. Food production is not something that can simply come to a halt, even with scenarios such as the one we face today. While this was and will continue to be a mountainous problem to work around for many food companies, it also means that people will need to work to keep the production level satisfactory. Companies will need to overcome employment risks to fill the holes created by the millions of layoffs that have accrued over the past several months. This translates to job openings, whether they be temporary or permanent. 


Back to Work – Safely

The food that stocks the aisles of your local grocery store likely came from a larger processing plant that also sends the same product to hundreds of other stores. This intricate supply chain – and the fact that much of the food needs to be crafted, touched, or molded by people – could potentially be a spark plug for virus spread. This is not information to alarm you, but rather to garner an appreciation for just how clean and careful our food processing industry is. Preparations must be made to properly sanitize and protect the facilities, materials, and people that work with your food. We are empathetic to those who have attacked these problems at the core and keep our food industry working through the pandemic. Jobs are being created everyday and it is essential that you are ahead of the curve to pounce on the perfect opportunity. 


Kane Partners Commitment

If you are one of the many that have faced layoff or some financial burden during these trying times, do not fret. Our goal at Kane Partners is to continue creating these relationships with client and candidate to keep the supply chain operating safely and efficiently. Our free-flowing communications between both parties allow our staffers to understand the wants and expectations of our clients, allowing for everyone’s needs to be met. We recognize that the COVID-19 situation is unpredictable at best, so the need for an active line of communication will be crucial in the match-making process. Call today to find your next job in the food processing industry.