Resume Tips – It’s Your Introduction

You only get one chance to make a first impression. In the professional world, your resume is your first chance and your introduction to a prospective employer. Don’t bog down an employer with unnecessary clutter, multiple pages of job tasks, and especially don’t hit them with punctuation and spelling errors.

When it comes to your experience, you want to be sure you provide thorough, effective details about your career without overloading with too much noise.

Making Your Resume Work for You

Some general tips to consider when updating or creating your resume:

  • Your resume should remain clear and concise with an easy flow between jobs, as well as an easy understanding of your responsibilities.
  • There’s a fine line between a resume that is too long or too short. Your resume should accurately reflect your work experience. 
  • Don’t generalize. Provide concrete numbers and facts and not so much an overview of positions you’ve held. Avoid bulleted job tasks and focus on the job details.
  • Typos, punctuation, and formatting errors are the kiss of death. If you can’t take the time to ensure your resume is correct, how can an employer trust you in their position?
  • You should include a statement summary which provides a quick two-to-three sentence summary of your career. Summarize and highlight your strengths. 

Finding a Balance

Finding the right balance can be challenging. Invest the time needed to ensure your resume is the best reflection, and the best professional introduction, of you.

Focusing attention to facts provides prospective employers the best initial idea of the type of worker and employee you are. And of course, pay attention to the details. In fact, have someone else read it to ensure that there are not typographical or punctuation mistakes that you are simply overlooking. 

Your resume gets you in the door for the interview. From there we can focus on interview tips.  

15 01, 2011

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