Common Myths About the IT Staffing Industry

10 Myths About IT Staffing

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Benefits of Utilizing an IT Staffing Firm

Signing up with an IT staffing agency is not something most job seekers consider right away. When many IT job seekers think about staffing agencies, all sorts of misconceptions come to mind. By the time they consider using the services of an IT staffing agency they have spent on average around six months unemployed.

If the job candidate is a recent graduate, he may be unsure about whether the IT industry is the right choice. Candidates want to find a job, but they prefer not to settle for just any job. They want something interesting, and signing on with an IT staffing agency doesn’t seem to be the answer for many.

The Truth About IT Staffing

IT staffing

An IT staffing agency will be prepared to place most IT experts with the right job to fit their particular skill set. The opportunities available through IT staffing firms are:

  • Temporary positions
  • Temporary to hire positions
  • Full-time positions

According to the American Staffing Association’s website, over 90-percent of businesses in the U.S. use staffing firms. 40-percent of all candidates attempting to find their first job, or are reentering the workforce, secured their first job through an IT staffing agency.

In an uncertain job market, utilizing the services of an IT staffing agency could be the way to go. But first, there are some myths surrounding IT staffing that need to be cleared up.

Myth 1: Staffing agencies only provide temporary work, but I need a real job.

Any job you receive through an IT staffing agency is a “real job.” If you start out in a temporary position, and a few weeks later the company opens the position for hire, you could receive first consideration.

Myth 2: IT staffing jobs only provide job candidates with low wage jobs.

Not true. Most IT staffing positions are dependent on an individual’s experience and education, just like any other job.

Myth 3: IT staffing companies only work with entry level professionals.

This may have been the case several years ago, but today IT staffing firms can offer job seekers a variety of employment options.

Myth 4: Job assignments only last for about two weeks at a time.

It all depends on the assignment. An assignment could last for a day, a week, a month or longer. You could even get hired permanently.

Myth 5: The temporary jobs available through IT staffing firms do not offer benefits.

Not always true. It depends on the staffing company. Some agencies offer a variety of benefits to choose from. They include 401K, medical, dental, employee referral bonuses, holiday pay and so forth.

Myth 6: There are not enough information technology jobs to go around.

This is a commonly voiced concern. Many people assume that most IT jobs are being outsourced overseas. However, there are still plenty of domestic IT positions available here in the U.S. for a variety of positions. Workers with Web 2.0 experience are in high demand.

Myth 7: You can only get the good jobs by going to the larger companies directly.

An IT staffing company can be the key to helping you gain entry into many of these large companies. And don’t automatically count out smaller companies. Many of these companies provide candidates with well-paying positions and give you the chance to expand your skills through other duties.

Myth 8: Because of today’s economic challenges, a staffing firm can’t help me find a job.

Not necessarily true. While there may be a longer wait time in some instances, companies are still looking for dedicated, qualified employees to join their organizations.

Myth 9: If I get a job I don’t like, I could be stuck.

That’s the beauty of working with an IT staffing agency. We take great care in the interviewing process to provide you with compatible employment opportunities. If a job doesn’t seem to be the right fit, we can make changes as necessary.

Myth 10: It takes too long to get paid once you are hired.

Employees hired through the IT staffing agency can count on a weekly paycheck as long as they are working, regardless of the payroll schedule of the company you’re working with.

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