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Coping with Evolving Technology

In the increasingly competitive job market, with off shoring, layoffs, downsizing, right sizing and job eliminations the new normal, what is the best path to insuring your ability to work in a high paying role?

Great, question…glad you asked!

There is a current of perception which informs us that the company we choose is the best way to insure our job stability. While there is truth in that thinking, it is far from the total picture.

Top employers, those offering high paying jobs with great benefits, name recognition and career path, have generally built their organizations around business models that can be quickly outmoded by technology innovation.

An obvious example is the music industry. Major recording companies with longstanding brand recognition had their worlds thrown into flux with a simple decision by Apple to offer iTunes subscribers the ability to procure one song at a time….for .99 cents. In an instant, the industries power to insist the consumer buy and entire album evaporated…and with it the basis for their business models.

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Thousands lost jobs virtually overnight….positions that simply ceased to exist…anywhere.

Industry disrupting stressors like these are popping up regularly as innovative companies employ Cloud based internet technology to deliver needed services more quickly, efficiently and cheaply.

How does one cope with that?

Look for Innovative Companies

If you are in the early part of your career, align yourself with a company using the latest technology stacks and service delivery models. These companies are frequently young ‘no-name’ organizations run by smart people who have figured out the best way to deliver valuable services. Working for them will give you the skills and experience most in demand in today’s technology based growth sectors… If something untoward happens, (i.e., they make a mistake, run out of money or succeed and flip) and you find yourself out of work, no problem! You have been empowered with the skills everybody is seeking. If you are good at what you do, you may just find yourself in a position to choose between attractive options within a month!

If you are further down the road in your career, consider going back to school for a technical degree. Perhaps your current employer will assist with the tuition? This can open up doors within your current employer into departments or business units employing the skills you are acquiring which can then be used if something undesirable happens.

In the end, job security is all about empowering yourself with great skills which resonate in the market. Make the investment in yourself. You’ll be better for the challenge!

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