Your Summer Reading Guide

Summer is in full swing and if you are from the Philadelphia area then chances are you vacation down ‘the shore’ or know someone that does. For those that are not from the greater Philadelphia region then let me explain… ‘the shore’ is the beach or beach towns in New Jersey usually between Atlantic City and Cape May. My personal preference is Ocean City, NJ – but I will take any shore that has sand and ocean.

Recently I was asked by a colleague what I was reading and if I had a good recommendation for his upcoming beach read. I immediately turned to my office bookcase and pulled a few of my favorites. In doing so I realized I have not purchased a physical book recently. Now that I think about it I miss getting lost in a bookstore, walking the aisles and reading back covers for a good read.  Some may say I have gone to the dark side of books to eBooks. I don’t have anything against physical book, actually I prefer them, it is more of a lifestyle change.

In March, I welcomed a son, Kellan, into the world.  As you can imagine having a very active 3 year old, working full time and being 7 months pregnant – grabbing a book, wasn’t something that happened often. It wasn’t until month 8 that I realized in the middle of yet another sleepless night – I could be reading or listening to a book. That night I signed up Audible and started by audio-book journey.

Since I am the Director of Social Media, my books are more on the marketing side but none the less – all are great reads! Currently I am enjoying an audio book:

My bookshelf includes these titles: