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Kane Partners LLC is a high-result engineering recruiter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Kane Partners LLC offers many placement services including permanent placement, temporary placement, and other arrangements, as well as finding qualified, hard-working employees for companies. Contact Kane Partners LLC for all options and information by calling (215) 699-5500 or by seeing their website,

Finding the Right Engineering Recruiter for your Business

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If you have an engineering position that needs to be filled, the fastest and most reliable way is to partner with the leading recruitment company in the Philadelphia area. Kane Partners has a vast network of candidates to draw from to find your perfect match.

If you’ve spent any time trying to fill the open positions in your organization, you are aware it takes a full-time employee just to process the applications, fact-check the resumes, and keep track of advertising and interviewing prospects. Kane Partners can do all of that for you with our 10-step process that will deliver top talent right to your door.

How is this possible? Drawing from our extensive database, our network of candidates, partner companies, and other resources, Kane Partners is able to select the right employee for your position. It starts with an interview with your organization to determine your exact hiring needs. After learning more about the type of employee you’re looking for, the search for the right candidate begins.

Recruiting the Engineering Talent for your Organization

During the search, our engineering recruiter will draw from our vast database, as well as targeted companies and industries, where your ideal candidate may have worked at a previous time. Our innovative process allows us to focus on the details that are important to your company. When a candidate is found, they will be screened further for skills and experience.

If the candidate agrees that there is a potential fit, your job opportunity will be presented to them for review. Once agreed upon, Kane Partners will begin the process of presenting the candidate’s resume to your company. If you like what you see, an interview will be scheduled that may take place via phone, in person, onsite, through video conference, or through a combination of these methods.

Kane Partners is on your Team

Complete honesty and open communication is essential in establishing the right opportunity for both your company and for the candidate. If you feel that the candidate is not the right fit for your organization, let your engineering recruiter know so another candidate with closely matching experience and skill sets can be chosen.

Kane Partners will present your offer to the candidate if you are completely satisfied with how the interview went. Upon acceptance of your offer, the candidate will be assisted in completing a successful resignation from their current position, and be prepared to seamlessly integrate into their new position within your company.

If a flawless process like this one sounds like it’s too good to be true, we welcome you to visit to see for yourself how successful this process is in finding the ideal candidates for companies all across the US. Work with a professional engineering recruiter from Kane Partners to fill your company’s vacancies to keep moving in the right direction.


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