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15 03, 2018

Resigning with Grace

By | 2018-03-08T15:53:05+00:00 March 15th, 2018|Career Articles|

Congratulations! You’ve just landed that new career opportunity you’ve been seeking.  Things are looking up; your career is moving forward. You’re excited about the new challenge. You’ll be taking on additional responsibilities with the opportunity to learn new and interesting things. All you have to do now is tell your boss you’ll be leaving.  Oh, [...]

22 02, 2018

Interviewing? Share Information In The First Person Singular

By | 2018-03-06T11:02:26+00:00 February 22nd, 2018|Interviews|

Our Eagles won the Super Bowl! Best news to hit Philadelphia in quite a while! It was also great listening to the players and coaches share the  fun they had all year in their quest to bring the Lombardi Trophy to the City of Brotherly love. It was fun for them and it was certainly [...]

26 01, 2018

New Year’s Resolutions 2018

By | 2018-02-08T16:34:30+00:00 January 26th, 2018|Just for Fun|

  So I’m thinking about a 2018 roadmap for self-improvement. For me, finding things to improve is not too difficult. On the other hand, finding things that I actually really want to change, to the point of making and keeping a commitment, is a much greater challenge. Compounding the challenge are the noisy atmospherics of [...]

16 01, 2018

LinkedIn – New Year’s Resolution

By | 2018-02-08T16:34:30+00:00 January 16th, 2018|Recruiting Process|

Welcome to 2018! The stock market is exploring new positive territory, we have a new tax code designed to increase the domestic activities of corporate America by encouraging the repatriation of offshore earnings, and a regulatory climate that is friendly to a growing economy. Regardless of how one feels about the way these realities came [...]

22 11, 2017

Nail That Phone interview… With These 3 Simple Steps!

By | 2018-02-08T16:34:30+00:00 November 22nd, 2017|Interviews|

Time is precious. Hiring managers and HR screeners are stretched and stressed. They need to hire but have no time or too many open requirements to fill. As a result, it is now very common to have your first interview on the phone. Sometimes companies will even elect to have two more interviews by phone [...]

25 07, 2017

Employers: Time for a New Approach to Hiring?

By | 2018-03-29T16:22:08+00:00 July 25th, 2017|Career Articles|

According to Torsten Slok, Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank, it’s never taken this long to find a worker in America. At 31 days average time to fill, jobs now remain open longer than any time in the past. The National Federation of Independent Business’ published a report this month indicating that 85% of companies that [...]

13 06, 2017

Engineering Jobs are Coming Back…Will They Stay?

By | 2018-03-29T16:26:22+00:00 June 13th, 2017|Engineering|

Kane Partners is a Philadelphia based technical recruitment firm with clients across the United States. Assignments coming in for our engineering practice have picked up significantly since the new year and seem to be building momentum, even as we enter the normally slower summer months. It is too early to tell for sure the reason [...]

30 05, 2017

Job Hunting This Summer?

By | 2018-02-08T16:34:35+00:00 May 30th, 2017|Recruiting Process|

If you find yourself among the millions of American’s seeking new employment opportunities this summer, we have one word for you: PATIENCE! Perhaps more than the financial markets, the job markets do best when visibility is high. The job market loves macro-issue-blue skies. Conversely, clouds of uncertainty regarding future interests rates, political turmoil, international trade [...]