3 Career Suggestions for Today’s Market

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Staying Competitive in Today’s Job market

Three simple career suggestions for our challenging times…

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With a great number of once monolithic structures of society showing signs of stress, it is not hard to find oneself experiencing varying degrees of alarm. What is going on? Who can we trust? And for the career minded, what must I do to get or stay employed in a good paying job?

In today’s world it is helpful to realize good paying really means highly skilled.

With greater competition for the higher paying, high skill jobs, how do we best compete?

Here are three simple suggestions:

1)      Honest self-evaluation. If your job skills are more closely related to positions that are systemically being eliminated, it may be time to retool. Get re-educated and gain some experience in a new growth area…even if it means volunteering some of your time. This applies both to the currently employed and the unemployed! Don’t wait for the pink slip to take action!

2)      Clarity of thinking, especially when setting goals. Know what you are going after and why. Set concrete, stretch but attainable goals: daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. Stick to a plan to achieve them. You’ll be surprised how far you can go in 90 days!

3)       Accept responsibility to make it happen. For most, it is up to us to get our careers fixed.

Start immediately. Time is all you have and it is precious!

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