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The leading technical recruiter in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the professional staffing agency, Kane Partners LLC. Kane Partners LLC offers a wide range of job options as well as placement options, and guarantee quick, satisfying results. Contact Kane Partners LLC today to see what job options are available to you as well as placement options. Call (215)699-5500 for placement options or visit

Investing in your Technical Recruiter

Kane Partners recruits top talent with top tier companies, finding highly qualified candidates through innovative techniques that are proven to deliver results. If you’re looking for a technical recruiter who can locate the IT talent your company needs, contact Kane Partners.

There are numerous reasons why your company should make use of a technical recruiter to fill your vacant job positions. Kane Partners will save your organization valuable resources in the recruiting, screening, interviewing, negotiating and hiring process. When you consider the time, money, and energy which is lost on an organization through this process, you can measure the value in hiring a technical recruiter such as Kane Partners.

Hiring the Ideal Candidate has Never Been So Simple

It’s not easy finding talent when your reach into the community does not go as far as you’d like. It’s really not the fault of your company – there are only so many things you can do with what you have at hand. The Kane Partners team is dedicated to our ten-step process that streamlines the entire hiring process; from your initial contact with us to the hiring of the candidate.

Companies in the IT, engineering, and manufacturing sectors turn to Kane Partners when it comes to finding the ideal employee to fill a void on their team. Every successful business understands the need to maintain momentum by keeping their key jobs filled, but that’s not always possible and it’s never easy.

Partner with us and we’ll show you how hiring can be as simple as giving our experts a call. During your initial meeting with Kane Partners, our team will discuss your company’s objectives, needs, and requirements. We will spend as much time as necessary to understand what type of experience and skills your company is looking for in an employee.

Starting with your Technical Recruiter is Easy

Companies appreciate the deep connections Kane Partners has in the different industries. Kane Partners is able to draw from an immense database and network of companies to find the ideal candidate for your open position. Once located, the candidate will be screened thoroughly, presented with your company’s opportunity, and prepared for an interview with your organization.

If you like what you see and hear during the interview, and you feel that the candidate chosen by your technical recruiter is a great fit for your company, Kane Partners will present them with your offer. We will handle all of the negotiations, and will speak with both the candidate and you to make sure all parties are satisfied with the results.

Upon acceptance of your company’s offer, your new employee will begin the process of stepping into their role with your firm. Only after a successful hire will you be required to pay for services.

Ready to get started? Your technical recruiter can be reached at 215-699-5500. Call with any questions you have or to schedule your initial consultation with an expert from Kane Partners.


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