You may already know that Kane Partners Staffing Solutions is one of the best direct recruiting agencies in Philadelphia, but did you know that we specialize our services to help you find ideal candidates in some of the top industries?

Our food and beverage recruiters, for example, can pair you with some of the best workers in this ever-growing and ever-evolving field.

The Key Attributes Food And Beverage Recruiters Look For

Work with the professionals at Kane Partners to connect with the most qualified applicants in the industry. We will vet thousands of resumes to find candidates with these key traits:

  • People skills. Whether you are looking for supply chain workers or management, people skills are crucial. Our staff will interview candidates and critically assess their interpersonal skills. Only the employees with strong communication will make it through the interview process. The candidates that make it through will show aptitude when working with customers and while working as part of a team.
  • Dependability and strong organizational skills. Nearly all roles in the food and beverage industry require dependability. Manufacturers must complete all tasks on-time, and a manager must set a strong example for his or her employees. Similarly, since this industry is typically fast-paced, our recruiters will favor applicants with strong organizational skills as they are most likely to keep up with this breakneck pace.
  • Creativity and innovation. Succeeding in the food and beverage industry often means standing out in a sea of businesses much like yours. Being creative is one of the best ways to do that. Yet original thinking can be a difficult quality to scrutinize. At Kane Partners, we will pair you up with candidates with a demonstrable history of innovation in the workplace.
  • Flexibility. Again, one of the most critical parts of working in the industry is standing out from the competition. As such, business models and practices may change over time. It is important to have employees that can adapt to and embrace these changes. Let the professionals at Kane Partners find these top-performing employees for you and get them hired right away.

More Industry-Specific Reasons To Work With Food And Beverage Recruiters

In addition to seeking out workers with the most desirable traits, the food and beverage recruiters at Kane Partners can also lend a hand in the following ways:

  • Recruiters will help you fulfill the needs of a demanding and ever-changing market. The food and beverage industry is not stagnant. Whether you own a distillery or manage a manufacturing plant, demand is continually shifting. We work with a wealth of applicants who are ready to fit your organization’s needs.
  • Food and beverage manufacturing services are fast-paced. Companies who tackle interviewing and hiring entirely on their own sink time, money, and resources into the hiring and onboarding process. They must sort through hundreds — if not thousands — of resumes, conduct interviews, and grade skill assessments. Work with our recruiters, and we will take this long list of responsibilities off your plate, freeing you up to focus on fast-paced manufacturing environments. 
  • You’ll get what you pay for. We focus on all our resources into getting recruits directly hired. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing you’re bringing in a valuable, experienced, and hardworking employee to help your business grow!

Advertising these manufacturing positions can be a time-consuming challenge. Save time and headaches by teaming up with an experienced food and beverage recruiter to fill positions with the best possible candidates. Contact Kane Partners Staffing Solutions to learn more.