3 10, 2019

How to answer: What salary are you looking for?

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Effectively Negotiating your Salary While you may assume that salary discussion is the easier part of a job interview, according to headhunters in Philadelphia, it is the one area where candidates often flounder.  In any case, the salary issue can change the entire complexion of your job interview because ultimately money is a decisive factor [...]

30 08, 2018

Is Philadelphia is a Growing Hotspot for IT Professionals?

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Paving the Way for IT Jobs In recent times, the information technology sector has emerged as a major bright spot for the local economy in Greater Philadelphia. Given the remarkable job growth potential for IT professionals around the country, Greater Philadelphia is now well-positioned to serve as the hotbed of opportunity for the region’s IT [...]

8 03, 2018

Is There a Difference Between Staffing and Recruitment?

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Staffing vs. Recruiting Staffing for IT, engineering and manufacturing job openings describes the process whereby candidates with specific skills are interviewed and hired to fill an open position with an operating company. It usually involves contacting and communicating with known candidates that possess the necessary background and skills required to successfully complete the project or [...]

10 01, 2017

The Weigh In: Job Boards vs Staffing Agency

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Endless Job Boards or a Dedicated Recruiting Firm? Job boards are everywhere. There are several hundred of them in a dozen different verticals.  (In fact there are so many that when we tried to find out the total for this blog we were unable to find a complete list or number published anywhere!) You’ve probably [...]