22 11, 2017

Nail That Phone interview… With These 3 Simple Steps!

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Three Tips for your next Phone Interview Time is precious. Hiring managers and HR screeners are stretched and stressed. They need to hire but have no time or too many open requirements to fill. As a result, it is now very common to have your first interview on the phone. Sometimes companies will even elect [...]

19 09, 2017

5 Tips to Nail Your Next Phone Interview

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Tips to Succeed in your next Phone Interview Phone interviews are tough. You don’t know the person.  You’ve never met them before. You can’t see their reactions or gauge their interest level. There is something about it being the 1st round of interviews, your first interaction and communication with the company, and not being face [...]

4 11, 2013

Successful Phone Interview Tips

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Mastering the Phone Interview Process A phone interview is often the first stage in the recruitment process.  It is an inexpensive method that can determine cultural and behavioral fit it is a time and money saving tool for the candidate and the interviewer.  But, there are a considerable number of pitfalls for candidates.  Here are [...]