9 01, 2020

LinkedIn Networking

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Ever since its launch in 2003, LinkedIn has become recruiters’ first choice to find qualified candidates across the world. If you also want to be “found” by one of these headhunters, you need to understand how exactly they use LinkedIn to look for the contenders, so you can position yourself accordingly.  How Recruiters Use LinkedIn [...]

7 12, 2018

Proactively Finding Talent for your Organization

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Go Find the Talent  How do you find the top talent for your team? Or maybe the better question is, do you find the top talent for your team? Finding talented people for your team is a lot of hard work. It’s not as simple as posting a job to your company website or to [...]

16 01, 2018

LinkedIn – New Year’s Resolution

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Exploring the Possibilities of a Good LinkedIn Profile Welcome to 2018! The stock market is exploring new positive territory, we have a new tax code designed to increase the domestic activities of corporate America by encouraging the repatriation of offshore earnings, and a regulatory climate that is friendly to a growing economy. Regardless of how [...]

20 09, 2016

The Importance of Networking with LinkedIn

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Networking Starts with One Connection “You may have heard of the 6 degrees of separation or the 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon.  Well in order to maximize your network you need to connect and communicate with other people.  LinkedIn gives you the platform to do it. You just need to get connected.” – Kristin Kane [...]