6 09, 2016

Online Profile: 3 Do’s and 3 Don’ts for Job Seekers

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Employers may be Watching We have all seen the power of Social Media. Whether it is within our personal group of friends with a funny video or picture getting a lot of likes/comments or maybe a more global issue that we otherwise would not have had any access, or even interest in.  Anyone remember "what color [...]

16 08, 2016

7 Ways Pokémon Go Can Improve Your Recruiting

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Going for Broke with Pokémon Have you heard of Pokémon GO? If not it means you have been living under a rock for the past month or so.  We decided to take a break from hunting down the local Dodrio that’s been eluding us and take a look at what lessons Pokémon GO can teach us [...]

11 08, 2016

Utility of a Staffing Agency in a Networking World

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It's Who You Know Current wisdom teaches us that ‘Networking’, or word-of-mouth, is the most effective way to land the right job. A plethora of avenues for networking have blossomed in response to this paradigm. Meet-ups, conferences, formal and informal job fairs, networking events, Chamber of Commerce meetings, User Groups, a variety of specialty or [...]

9 08, 2016

Top 10 List of Practical Interview Steps for Success

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Steps to Prepare for a Successful Interview With the Olympics in full swing we have sports, sports, and more sports on our brain. This has brought up a lot of office conversations about what the athletes endure to make it this far in their respective fields.  We wanted to share the biggest correlations between athletes and [...]

28 07, 2016

5 Steps To Improve Your Chances of Landing That Great Candidate!

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Don't let the Next Candidate Slip through your Hands If your company is trying hard to secure the services of top talent, but is having trouble closing the deal (i.e., too many offers being turn downed), perhaps an evaluation of your interview process is in order. Many companies are working harder than ever to properly [...]

30 06, 2016

Life Changing Career Opportunities Really Do Exist!

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Life Altering Career Change? It can Happen to you One of the many “holidays” happening in the month of June is Rebuild Your Life Month. What’s that all about? Basically it is a chance you to take stock of your life as it is now, and see how things are.  Are you truly happy?  Is [...]

28 06, 2016

The Interview Façade – How to Improve Your Hiring Acumen

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Start with Cleaning up your Job Description Most job descriptions, as you have probably discovered, are not useful. Job descriptions are often crafted by a Human Resources professional or operational person who knows little about the position or the hiring manger’s needs.  Hiring managers and their firms rely on these to describe the job and [...]

24 06, 2016

Is Interviewing Obsolete?

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The Tired Task of Interviewing Yes. Interviews are a well-rehearsed stage show. Candidates and Recruiters alike are fully aware of this. Candidates prepare themselves, research the company, even collecting real interview questions from sites like Glassdoor. Armed with data, dressed up nice, prepared with a list of questions they really don’t care about but are [...]

17 06, 2016

Every Interview Comes Down To These 3 Questions…

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Asking the Right Questions during the Interview Of the millions of questions ever asked in an interview, virtually every one boils down to these three questions: Can you do the job? Simple and obvious right? Well not necessarily. Companies have different hiring philosophies. Some want a person who has virtually done the exact job in [...]