12 07, 2018

Interviewing Primer (Interview Prep 101)

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The Key to Interviewing is Preparation Interview preparation guides and blogs are not exactly a fresh idea, but a fresh reminder and perhaps a few new ideas never hurt. I’ve got some do’s and don’ts that are part of my regular interview prep coaching. Some ideas are as old as time (or myself) and some [...]

19 09, 2017

5 Tips to Nail Your Next Phone Interview

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Tips to Succeed in your next Phone Interview Phone interviews are tough. You don’t know the person.  You’ve never met them before. You can’t see their reactions or gauge their interest level. There is something about it being the 1st round of interviews, your first interaction and communication with the company, and not being face [...]

25 04, 2017

What Not To Wear: Job Interview Attire

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Dressing Appropriately for a Job Interview Spring is FINALLY here! And with spring comes an abundance of new job openings which means job interviews! When you get a job interview it’s a big deal, we know!  Ok we will tone down the Oprah level of excitement, but it’s a big time for hiring which means [...]