24 01, 2019

Interview tips for College Graduates

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Preparing for your First Professional Interview For some college students, December brings with it the end of their college careers and the beginning of the job interview process in the hopes of landing that first job.   While some students do have the benefit of gaining interview experience through internships, for others this may be [...]

12 07, 2018

Interviewing Primer (Interview Prep 101)

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The Key to Interviewing is Preparation Interview preparation guides and blogs are not exactly a fresh idea, but a fresh reminder and perhaps a few new ideas never hurt. I’ve got some do’s and don’ts that are part of my regular interview prep coaching. Some ideas are as old as time (or myself) and some [...]

26 04, 2018

Interview Yourself First…

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Preparing for an Interview Smart candidates work hard to prepare for interviewing. They spend hours on their résumé, seek the help of others, perhaps even pay for a professional service in their effort to create a great résumé. They Google and review the most commonly asked interview questions for the role they are seeking. Perhaps, [...]

8 12, 2016

3 Tips for Active Listening During Interviews

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Are you an active listener during an interview? Definition of the word “listen”: to give attention with the ear Interviewing is hard. It can be nerve racking, awkward, and downright scary at times.  One of the most important parts of interviewing that is often overlooked is the art of listening.  This is an important skill [...]

30 11, 2016

3 Common Interview Mistakes

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Common Interview Missteps With 30 years’ experience performing post mortems on candidacies of well qualified applicants who should have prevailed in the interview process but failed instead, I have seen a full spectrum of mistakes. Here are three of the most common. Poor Preparation Human Resource professionals and hiring managers are continually amazed by the [...]

25 10, 2016

Trick or Treat? 3 Treats for Your Upcoming Interview

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Three Interview Tricks to turn your Job Search into a Treat By the pricking of my thumbs something wicked this way comes. Macebth, Shakespeare Trick or Treat? Halloween is a great time of year!  Even though Fall officially begins in the middle of September, for many Halloween is the first time that it feels like [...]

13 10, 2016

3 Fears You Need to Face During Your Job Search and Interviews

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Overcoming Job Search and Interview Anxiety When I was a kid one of the most popular shows on television was Are You Afraid of the Dark? Simple concept, terrifying show. The show was about a group of friends would sit around a campfire in a remote location in the woods.  Who were these children, why [...]

9 08, 2016

Top 10 List of Practical Interview Steps for Success

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Steps to Prepare for a Successful Interview With the Olympics in full swing we have sports, sports, and more sports on our brain. This has brought up a lot of office conversations about what the athletes endure to make it this far in their respective fields.  We wanted to share the biggest correlations between athletes and [...]