1 03, 2018

Onboarding Millennials

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Ensuring Success with your Recent Millennial Hire  Much has been written about the difficulty in attracting and recruiting millennials. Likewise, there are volumes of articles, blogs, books and tweets about perceived difficulties in managing, motivating, retaining - in truth, understanding millennials in the context of a traditional work environment. Millennials experience, like all employees, begins [...]

9 02, 2017

Hiring Millennials A New Perspective – Part 2

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Millennial's and the New Workforce Part two – Retention In part one of the series I postulated that we have mistakenly made numerous false assumptions about the character and motivations of Millennials. Boomers and GenYers have applied our aged paradigms to a generation that they don’t fit.  Recognizing the value, ambition and creativity of Millennials [...]