13 05, 2016

Creating An Impactful Resume…

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Resume 101: Creating an Effective Resume As a 30 year technical recruiter, I have conservatively read 800,000 resumes. Printed out they’d fill a good size room. When the vetting process is complete, I have ultimately represented approximately 1% of those resumes / candidates to our highly selective clients. Approximately eight thousand introductions have been made. [...]

29 05, 2013

10 Tips to Consider When Editing Your Resume

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Ten Simple Steps to Edit your Resume 1. Font and Size Keep it consistent. 10-12 size, Arial and Times New Roman are most common. 2. Details Do not re-write your job description. Instead, incorporate your accomplishments and what value you added to the job description. Examples: cost savings of $x, meeting deadlines on time or [...]