5 07, 2018

IT Recruiters: We’re all looking for the Goldilocks candidate…

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…you know the one: not too much experience, not too little; not too much money, but not too cheap; not too many jobs, not too much attitude, but just enough so he/she projects an air of confidence. Well for both corporate and agency IT Recruiters, Engineering Recruiters and Technical Recruiters, finding the goldilocks candidate is [...]

30 03, 2017

What Every Candidate Should Know, But Many Don’t Do

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Pitfalls to Avoid in an Interview I was asked recently at a video shoot for our company website, what my best advice is for candidates. This was an easy answer for me, and one I gave quickly, -- “Be Honest!” Now I know what you are thinking, do candidates really lie? The most accurate answer [...]

6 02, 2013

Before the Big Interview… Interview Yourself

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Prepping for an Interview A common mistake often made prior to an interview is poor preparation. Candidates work hours on their resume, seek the help of others, perhaps even pay for a professional service, all in the effort to create a great resume; one that will secure an interview with a target organization. In preparation, [...]