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If your company has worked with staffing agencies in Philadelphia in the past, you may have walked away feeling as though you didn’t get a lot for your money when all was said and done. Don’t let a past experience keep you from discovering what other large firms in the Philadelphia area have found out. Kane Partners is unique in their field.

Successful companies understand permanent placement is crucial to the level of success their company achieves. Kane Partners understands your firm’s needs and can respond quickly to a recent vacancy that needs to be filled. Let their professionals search their database and reach into their network to find the right candidate for the job. Developing a relationship with one of the top staffing agencies in Philadelphia can make a big difference in the quality of skill sets and experience you find.

If your company has experienced growth in the market, you may find that you are looking for new employees but are unable to find the right match. In order to sustain the momentum your business is experiencing, you’ll need to fill the vacancies. Be careful to fill them with more than just a body; Kane Partners can match your job opening with the right candidate through their unique 10 step process that begins by establishing a partnership agreement with your company.

Working on a contingency basis means your company won’t pay a fee unless you decide to hire the candidate Kane Partners matches to you. Once the partnership agreement has been reached, the experts from Kane Partners will go to work searching through their database of candidates and target companies they partner with to find potential talent to fill your position.

Before connecting with you with regard to a potential candidate, Kane partners will implement identification, screening and recruitment processes that will narrow down their search to the ideal employee for your company, prepare the interview process for both you and the candidate and initiate feedback from the candidate to determine their interest in the position and from you, to hear your thoughts about the prospect.

You can be certain Kane Partners will be with you through the entire process, presenting your company’s offer, negotiating the details and terms of the position and its salary and ensuring that if the candidate accepts your terms, they promptly resign from any position they are currently involved in. Preparation to step in to their role in your company will be swift and you are guaranteed a seamless process, from start to finish.

You’ve tried the other staffing agencies in Philadelphia, now work with the leaders in the industry. Kane Partners are among the most sought after staffing firm in the area- and for good reason.

Visit to see a complete list of services offered, enjoy the resources of their informative blog or make a connection by calling 215-699-5500. You’ll never regret partnering with the professionals who are able to help you reach your business goals. Let Kane Partners go to work for you to find the perfect candidate for your open position. Staffing Agencies In Philadelphia
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