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Are you searching for a recruiter in Philadelphia who can help you land the perfect position in a high profile company? Let Kane Partners show you why they are considered the leaders in the IT staffing industry. Register your resume on their website at to get the process started.

Kane Partners works hard to create exposure to IT jobs, engineering jobs, and manufacturing job openings, welcoming the opportunity to partner with prospects during their job search. Candidates appreciate the placement services are paid for by the client company, since Kane Partners is a contingency based firm, so you can upload your profile into the database with confidence. You’ll be contacted the moment a position you are perfect for opens up.

Along with position matching services, Kane Partners seeks to ensure you are putting your best foot forward by offering their candidates career counseling, preparation for the interview, negotiations in salary and benefits, critique of your resume and timely feedback.

Jobs boards are everywhere. Why would you need a recruiter in Philadelphia to help you find a job? The answer to that question lies in whether you are simply searching for a seat to fill, or looking for a golden career opportunity. Anyone can fill a seat. If you are looking to be recognized for your unique skill set and experience, you’ll need a partner who is able to present your assets to a company in a way that will ensure your resume does not get lost in a stack of applications.

You can get started right now by visiting where you’ll find a wealth of valuable information and resources designed to match you with the perfect company. Search current jobs available by clicking on the Jobs link toward the upper right of the home page. There you’ll discover search bars where you can type in keywords and location or narrow down your results further by contract, contract-to-hire, full or part time, freelance and temporary.

Check our available jobs in the IT sector, Engineering sector and manufacturing sector and see immediately whether they are full or part time positions, along with how long ago the position was posted. There are currently a wide range of positions seeking to be filled, including Sr. Support Engineer, Safety Manager, Quality Control Tech, Copywriter, Robotics/Automation Engineer, Vice President Heavy Highway, Hardware Design Engineer, and many others.

If you have questions along the way or wish to speak with a recruiter in Philadelphia, call 215-699-5500 or send your questions to You’ll be glad you partnered with the agency with the experience behind them and the dedication to their clients to create long-lasting job matches that benefit both the company and the employee.

Find the job of your dreams right now. Partner with a company that will take you places instead of pinning your profile on an online jobs board where no one will find you. Kane Partners is the most trusted IT staffing agency in Philadelphia.  Recruiter Philadelphia
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