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Are you looking for IT talent to fill a vacant position but unable to come up with a suitable candidate? Kane Partners wants to ask you a question: How deep onto the community does your reach extend?

In other words, where are you looking for talent? Are you posting on job boards no one sees or takes seriously? Are you advertising in the local paper or an online hub where corporations and candidates can find each other? The ultimate question is: How are all those tactics working for you?

Your company’s open positions need to be filled immediately if you’re going to retain momentum and keep moving in the right direction. You need a professional IT recruiter in your corner to locate the ideal match. That’s where Kane Partners come in.

Depending on your company’s needs, Kane Partners can provide a variety of solutions to meet with your requirements, including temp agency services, short-term and long-term talent, permanent assignments, contact staffing and just in time staffing. Their team of experts will devote the necessary time to determining your most pressing needs, delivering timely and cost-effective services along the way. In short, it you’re looking for an IT recruiter that will get results, you’ve come to the right place.

Kane partners’ unique process starts with a consultation to determine how best to proceed in finding the perfect candidate to fill your open position. They’ll take the time to understand your business culture and your management team, then seek out individuals who have the skill set, personality and experience to seamlessly integrate into your company. At times, a recruit may start out as a contract employee but continue on to become a worker fully invested in your company.

Don’t waste another day or other valuable resources trying to track down a candidate to fill your vacancy. Hire an IT recruiter from Kane Partners who will quickly go to work for you, eliminating the stress from every step of the hiring process. Make a connection with Kane Partners by calling 215-699-5500, or send your email to

We welcome you to visit online at, where you’ll find a tremendous source of valuable information on the affordable recruiting services available from Kane Partners. Enjoy the informative articles on the blog and get a closer look at the 10 step process your IT recruiter will employ upon the agreement of services.

The professionals from Kane Partners understand the enormity of resource wasted by companies that strive to find suitable employees to fill positions but continue on month after month without being able to do so. Their process is proven to be successful, and you only pay for services if you hire a candidate- one more reason to do business with a contingency-based agency.

If you have questions, feel free to call 215-699-5500 and ask for Gary Kane. Partner with the IT recruiter who will set you up for success. It Recruiter
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