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Some companies refer to Kane Partners as the most trusted headhunters in Philadelphia. We like to think of them as IT staffing experts. Whatever you prefer to call them, one thing is undebatable: Kane Partners has an amazing ability to recruit the kind of talent IT firms are searching for.

What makes Kane Partners different from the rest is their impressive database and network of candidates and agencies from which they are able to draw talent. Their 10 step staffing process ensures all parties are thoroughly satisfied at the end of the transaction. Whether you’re looking for a single, temporary contractor or a number of full-time employees to hire, you can bring your needs to the real headhunters in Philadelphia.

Kane Partners’ search process is only one part of the vetting process and is composed of four essential steps:

- The Candidate Search. It is through the enormous and highly reliable database built over the years that Kane Partners is able to find potential talent for your company.

- The Target Company Search. Reaching out to companies and industries where a potential client may have worked in the past will further open doors that can lead to successful matching. Innovative technology allows Kane Partners’ experts to pinpoint skill sets that matter most to your company.

- Candidate Recruitment Screening. Based on a potential candidate’s job requirements and your company’s needs, the screening process brings the right talent to your door.

- Opportunity Presentation. After both parties agree that a potential match exists, Kane Partners will continue with the rest of the process.

Visit online at KanePartners.net to learn more about why Kane Partners has been chosen as the locals’ top choice of headhunters in Philadelphia. Recognized as a leader in the IT staffing field, Kane Partners continues to demonstrate to Philadelphia businesses that they are the top employment agency in the city.

If you’re experiencing some difficulty in convincing the area’s top talent to work for your firm, make use of the extended reach of Kane Partners with their database of national job candidates looking for a position in software, IT, manufacturing, creative design and engineering. With more than 25 years of experience on their side, Kane Partners is ready to put their knowledge to work for your company.

Shake hands with Kane Partners and begin a business relationship that will result in the greater success of your company. Reach out today with a phone call to 215-699-5500 or send an email with your questions to info@kanepartners.net. Be sure to ask for Gary Kane directly when you make contact.
If you’d like to learn more about the company and discover why they are the top headhunters in Philadelphia, please visit KanePartners.net where you’ll find a wealth of information on how to get the process rolling. Take advantage of the informative blog articles, read about the talent behind the recruitment process and see what makes Kane Partners different from other staffing solution companies out there today.

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