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Are you still posting your work profile on local job boards hoping someone will come along and discover you? In a fairy-tale world, the perfect employer would come along and offer you a dream position, however, in the reality of the world we live in, that possibility is far from likely.

If you’re long on engineering skills and short on the ability to locate the right job to match your skill sets, experience and job history, let the expert engineering headhunters from Kane Partners go to work for you to find the ideal fit. Since their clients pay for services, all that is required of you is to join the  database and get into the mix. When a suitable match is made, you’ll be contacted for further screening and preparation for an interview with a company looking for someone exactly like you. Find local jobs here.

Candidates often come to Kane Partners looking to get matched with a company after exhausting all possibilities within their current position to solve problems or come to agreeable terms for employment to continue. Some candidates decide to tough it out with their existing employer knowing they’ll leave when something better comes along. When a match is made, after the resignation has been tendered and a new employer is ready to open their doors to them, the unexpected often happens.

The counteroffer comes in- the one the employee has waiting weeks or months for, in the panic of losing their valuable employee, at the last possible moment, instead of agreeing to the terms requested, the company makes one last attempt to keep the employee rather than watch them walk out the doors. Take the advice of the most sought-after engineering headhunters in Philadelphia- walk away.

There are numerous reasons why you should never consider a counter-offer, especially one that was not politely and timely rendered at the time when you made your request:

- Your professional integrity is at stake at this very moment
- You will not be considered a team player at any future point within the company
- Your request and obvious denial will be looked upon as disloyalty
- You were not considered valuable enough to receive a counter-offer before handing in your resignation. How will you be valued in the future?
- Is your current employer disguising a future raise as a counter-offer; money you would have received anyway?
- You may already be on your company’s replacement list, and a counter-offer may be their way to pacify you until your replacement is found.

If you have the skills and the experience, you deserve to be treated as a valuable employee. The engineering headhunters at Kane Partners work with corporations and businesses throughout the region and beyond, looking to fill open positions with employees exactly like you. Join their database and let their experts go to work for you to find the perfect match for you and your future employer.

Get started now at and click on the Candidates link at the top of the home page or search the Jobs Network by clicking on Jobs. You’ll find a wealth of valuable resources to get you started.

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