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2014 SHS Varsity Basketball Tournament

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2014 SHS “Winter Classic” CYO Varsity Basketball Tournament

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GAME: Saint Norbert vs OLMC

GAME: BOYS St Joe/St Rob vs St Thomas

GAME: BOYS SS Simon & Jude vs St Jude

GAME: St Norbert vs St Helena

GAME: OLMC vs St Agnes

GAME: GIRLS St Helena vs St Anastasia

GAME: GIRLS St Alphonsus vs Corpus Christi

GAME: BOYS St Alphonsus vs St Thomas

GAME: St Helena vs St Jude

GAME: St Jude vs St Agnes

GAME: GIRLS St Helena JV vs Holy Rosary

 GAME: BOYS St Helena JV

GAME: GIRLS St Katherine vs St Bernadette

GAME: GIRLS St Helena vs St Alphonsus

GAME: BOYS St Helena vs St Thomas

GAME: St Andrew vs St Katherine

Basketball Championship Coaches Interviews Girls

Basketball Tournament Awards & Dedications

Basketball Championship Coaches Interviews Boys

2014 SHS CYO Girls: St Helena vs OLHC

2014 SHS CYO Girls: St Alphonsus vs St Andrew

2014 SHS CYO Boys: St Norbert vs St SImon and Jude

2014 SHS CYO: St Bernadette vs OLHC GIRLS

2014 SHS CYO: St Anastasia vs St Katherine CHAMPIONSHIP