10 08, 2017

Tough Time For Finding Talent

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The US Unemployment rate was 4.7% in May according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Not taking under-employment or any other factors into mind, the reality is it is HARD for employers to find people. This difficulty is rampant in highly skilled trades like Information Technology, and low -end labor where reports are coming in [...]

25 07, 2017

Employers: Time for a New Approach to Hiring?

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According to Torsten Slok, Chief Economist of Deutsche Bank, it’s never taken this long to find a worker in America. At 31 days average time to fill, jobs now remain open longer than any time in the past. The National Federation of Independent Business’ published a report this month indicating that 85% of companies that [...]

20 06, 2017

Recruiting Woes

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A technical manager I know posted a scathing review on LinkedIn about a competing agency. Apparently, he gets numerous bot emails about how they have the perfect job for him, identifying a specific position they have in mind. Apparently, they are usually way off base, perhaps not even in his field. This post had legs! [...]

13 06, 2017

Engineering Jobs are Coming Back…Will They Stay?

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Kane Partners is a Philadelphia based technical recruitment firm with clients across the United States. Assignments coming in for our engineering practice have picked up significantly since the new year and seem to be building momentum, even as we enter the normally slower summer months. It is too early to tell for sure the reason [...]

30 05, 2017

Job Hunting This Summer?

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If you find yourself among the millions of American’s seeking new employment opportunities this summer, we have one word for you: PATIENCE! Perhaps more than the financial markets, the job markets do best when visibility is high. The job market loves macro-issue-blue skies. Conversely, clouds of uncertainty regarding future interests rates, political turmoil, international trade [...]

18 05, 2017

National Inventors Month: Our 3 Favorite Inventors

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We are IT recruiters, which means we have been known to self-identify as geeky or nerdy from time to time.  But don’t tell anyone, we wouldn’t want to compromise our reputation. As tech recruiters we get excited about things like National Inventor Month because innovation is our job and finding top talent to lead the [...]

11 05, 2017

Teams in the Office

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One would think success would be commonplace, a daily occurrence. Yet there have been literally thousands of self-help books written about teams, all giving solid advice how to form the most effective teams and achieve their collective goals. So why it is that so few teams actually reach those goals? Long lines of cars commuting [...]

9 05, 2017

A Cheesy Column

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I’m a “Foody” … #nomnomnom. I love to eat, love to cook, have a serious relationship with wine. Years ago, I managed a store in Head House Square called The Big Cheese. Much to my now wife’s amusement that’s how I would answer the phone = “Hello, The Big Cheese”.  Many of my employees through [...]